Captains, Culture, and the Cleveland Browns (8/32)

Posted on: May 18, 2018   |   Posted by: Refs4Pats NFL Blog2

Hello again /r/nfl! In my series I decided today to do the Cleveland Browns. If you want to see my previous posts you can find them here: Broncos: here Rams: here Texans: here Eagles: here Bears: here Panthers: here Colts: here Key: (c) = Captain (gc) = Game Captain (n) = Never a captain in college (hc) = High school captain (bc) = Basketball captain (jc) = Junior college captain Disclaimer: I mainly searched on the player's college bio. If the college didn't list them as a captain I most likely wasn't able to find an instance of them being a captain. Please let me know if I made any errors. (n) Allen, Julian (n) Avery, Genard (n) Bello, B.J. (n) Berry, Evan (n) Bitonio, Joel (n) Board, C.J. (n) Boddy-Calhoun, Briean (n) Brantley, Caleb (hc) Burgess Jr., James - High school captain (2011) I'm going to include him as a high school captain because he was voted a team captain in the All-American game. (n) Cajuste, Devon (c) Calitro, Austin - Captain (Senior year 2016) Also a High school captain. (2011) (n) Campbell, Elijah (n) Carder, Tank (c) Carrie, T.J. - Captain (Senior year 2014) I only found a photo of him with a C so he may have been a game captain. (n) Coleman, Corey (gc) Coleman, Shon - Game captain (Junior year 2015) (c) Coley, Trevon - Captain (Senior year 2015) Also a high school captain (2011) (n) Collins Sr., Jamie (n) Colquitt, Britton (c) Corbett, Austin - Captain (Sophomore year 2015, Junior year 2016, and Senior year 2017) His bio lists him as a captain his sophomore and junior year, but I was able to find a photo of him as a captain as a senior. Most likely he was a captain we he was also a senior. (n) Currie, Justin (n) Dayes, Matthew (hc) DeValve, Seth - High school captain (2009 and 2010) Also a High school track captain. (2010) (n) DiLauro, Christian (n) Drango, Spencer (n) Ekuale, Daniel (hc) Fabiano, Anthony - High school captain (2011) (n) Faulk, Jeremy (n) Fells, Darren Special note: He played professional basketball internationally before become an NFL tight end. (n) Gaines, E.J. (hc) Garrett, Myles - High school captain (2013) He was voted team captain for the Under Armour game so I decided to include him. (n) Gennesy, Avery (n) Gonzalez, Zane (n) Gordon, Josh (n) Grace, Jermaine (n) Gray, Geoff (n) Hannemann, Micah (n) Harrison, Desmond (n) Higgins, Rashard (n) Hilliard, Dontrell (n) Hubbard, Chris (n) Hughlett, Charley (n) Hyde, Carlos (n) Janis, Jeff (n) Johnson Jr., Duke (n) Johnson, Rod (n) Jones, Lenny (n) Jordan, Mike (n) Kindred, Derrick (c) Kirksey, Christian - Captain (Junior year 2012 and Senior year 2013) Also a High school captain. (2009) (c) Landry, Jarvis - Captain (Junior year 2013) (n) Lauina, Fred (n) Louis, Ricardo (n) Meander, Montrel (n) Meder, Jamie (n) Mitchell, Terrance (hc) Nassib, Carl - High school captain (2010) He was specficially a captain in basketball, not football. (n) Njoku, David (n) Ogbah, Emmanuel (gc) Ogunjobi, Larry - Game captain (Sophomore year 2014 and Junior year 2015) (hc) Orchard, Nate - High school captain (2010) High school captain in basketball and football. (hc) Peppers, Jabrill - High school captain (2014) He was voted a captain for the 2014 Under Armour All-America game so I counted him. (n) Randall, Damarious (n) Ratley, Damion (n) Reiter, Austin (n) Rice, Denzel (n) Roback, Brogan (n) Salako, Victor (n) Sankoh, Tigie (c) Schobert, Joe - Captain (Senior year 2015) Also a High school captain (2011 and 2012) (n) Scott, Da'Mari (c) Smith, Chris - Captain (Senior year 2013) (n) Smith, Derron (n) Stanton, Drew (n) Stephenson, Donald (n) Taylor, Jamar (n) Taylor, Tyrod (n) Thomas, Simeon (n) Thompson, Trenton (hc) Tretter, JC - High school captain (2008) (n) Vitale, Danny (n) Vogel, Justin (n) Williams, Marquez (hc) Willies, Derrick - High school captain (2011) He was a High school captain as a junior. (n) Wilson, Howard (n) Zeitler, Kevin Unsigned Draft Pick: (n) Callaway, Antonio (c) Chubb, Nick - Captain (Junior year 2016 and Senior year 2017) (c) Mayfield, Baker - Captain (Junior year 2016 and Senior year 2017) (n) Thomas, Chad (n) Ward, Denzel Overall the browns have 91 players, including unsigned draft picks, with 21 players having previous experience as a captain. This means around 23% of the team has experience being a leader. However, if we remove the players who were voted as one time captains for various high school all-american games the number of captains drops down to 18 players or only 19.7%. Additionally, only 12 players were ever captains in college, or around only 13%. These two percentages are the lowest that I've had so far in this series, especially the amount of college captains on the team. I'm not too familiar with the atmosphere of the Browns locker room so I have a few questions. Do you guys feel that these low captain numbers effect your team negatively? Do you guys think being a captain effects how that person will do or act in the NFL? Are you guys happy with the culture in the locker room and in the organization? Let me know if I made any errors, thank you. submitted by /u/BroseidonTheGod [visit reddit] [comments]