Painting - iLead Feed Painting - All the last new posts on iLead <![CDATA[Sea of Blue, by Melissa A. Torres, 12x24 oil on canvas]]> Painting Photo Works Oil Canvas <![CDATA[Mark Webster - Abstract Blue Mask Oil Painting]]> Drawing Painting Oil Canvas <![CDATA[Colorful Contemporary Abstract Art Painting "Liquid Map" by Santa Fe Contemporary Artist Melanie Birk]]> Painting Contemporary Acrylic Canvas Art Artist <![CDATA[Abstract Impressionism Sunset on the Lake Original Oil Painting Heidi Malott]]> Painting Oil <![CDATA[Contemporary Abstract Mixed Media Painting “Love Grows Here” by Santa Fe Contemporary Artist Sandra Duran Wilson]]> Painting Plaster Mixed Canvas Contemporary Wood Artist Media <![CDATA[Colorful Exploration]]> Painting <![CDATA[Here and There Part 4]]> Dog Dogs <![CDATA[Mel TowMel Tow's pared down, minimalist color is striking. It's]]> Painting Art Mel Tow art illustration inprnt <![CDATA[Original Wildlife , Pronghorn Oil Painting "High Plains Speedster" By Colorado Artist Susan Fowler]]> Painting Panel Oil Artist <![CDATA[339 The Blue Glass, still life painting of a blue glass with a peach in front by Fred Bell]]> Painting Panel Oil <![CDATA[Heinz]]> Painting Panel Oil <![CDATA[Abstract , Folk Art, Narrative Art Painting “Tap Shoes” Narrative Art by Santa Fe Artist Judi Goolsby]]> Painting Gallery Contemporary Acrylic Canvas Art Sold Artist <![CDATA[Contemporary Abstract Mixed Media Painting, Patina “Patina Rain” by Contemporary Artist Brian Billow]]> Painting Sold Panel Contemporary Mixed Artist Media <![CDATA[Contemporary Abstract Bold Expressive Still Life Flower Art Painting “Tulip Geometry” by Santa Fe Artist Annie O'Brien Gonzales]]> Painting Contemporary Acrylic Canvas Art Artist <![CDATA[Contemporary Female Figurative Painting, “Almost Ready” by Oklahoma Artist Nancy Junkin]]> Painting Acrylic Contemporary Artist Canvas <![CDATA[Mark Webster - Waves 5 - Abstract Geometric Ocean Landscape Oil Painting]]> Painting Panel Oil Canvas <![CDATA[Lake Art Original Oil Painting Contemporary Impressionism]]> Painting Oil Contemporary Art Canvas <![CDATA[Landscape Oil Painting Sketch August Sunrise Heidi Malott]]> Painting Works Sketch Canvas Oil School <![CDATA[Portrait study of a friendly face]]> Painting Artist Art <![CDATA[Watch Grizzly Bear Play “Mourning Sound” On Colbert]]> Album Video Grizzly Bear Stephen Colbert