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Hey, /r/NFL! I'm simulating the 2017-2018 season using the teams from each team's greatest season. I do not control these results, so I have no personal biases in this simulation. If you want to see what happened last week, you can do so over here! If you want to see stats and playoff predictions at midseason you can do so over here! Week 12 Recap: The Great Schism It's not secret that so far, the NFC has been much better than the AFC in the /r/NFL All-Time Season. The top 11 teams in the NFC all have winning records, while only the top 5 teams in the AFC do. The '90 Buffalo Bills, who prior to Week 12 were 3-7, now look like they might have a crack at the post season. The '91 Lions, at 1-10, are the only team eliminated from postseason contention at the moment, although the 3-8 '15 Cardinals are probably next. I already broke down the NFC wild card race a short while back and my predictions appear to be mildly accurate. Let's see if I can do the same for the AFC. The '68 Jets are 6-5 and in the 5 seed for the AFC, while the '76 Raiders are 5-6 and in the 6 seed. There are 8 possible teams that could realistically make the post season who aren't in it currently. Let's separate and analyze these teams. '99 Titans (5-6) Tiebreakers currently keep this Tennessee team from missing out on the playoffs, but they've been slowly rebounding from an 0-3 start and have begun to prove their worth. Their next two games should be easy wins if they're as good as they appear to be, but their last 3 games are difficult. @San Francisco (7-4), St. Louis (8-3), and Jacksonville (8-3). A 1-2 record in these games is acceptable, but a 2-1 record basically ensures that they'll find themselves in the postseason come Wild Card round. I'm comfortable putting stock in the Titans. Remaining schedule: Houston (4-7), @Arizona (3-8), @San Francisco (7-4), St. Louis (8-3), Jacksonville (8-3) Playoff chances: 50% '64 Browns (5-6) The Browns share an identical record to the Titans, but face probably the most brutal schedule of any team on this list down the stretch. Unlike the Titans, who are riding a hot hand, the Browns have been middling all year. Jim Brown is fantastic on offense, but he can't carry the team as he's been asked to do thus far. If they make the playoffs, it's only by some miracle. Remaining schedule: @San Diego (4-7), Green Bay (7-4), Baltimore (7-4), @Chicago (9-2), @Pittsburgh (5-6) Playoff chances: 5% '78 Steelers (5-6) Cleveland's division rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are also in the Wild Card contention. After an 0-4 start, they won 5 games straight before losing their last two. Is this a streaky team? That remains to be seen, but their upcoming schedule should give hope to any Steeler fan. The two most difficult opponents remaining, Baltimore (7-4) and New England (9-2), are both home games, which gives a leg up to Pittsburgh (especially because these are both against hated opponents). If I was forced to pick one team out of this AFC bunch to make the playoffs, it'd have to be Pittsburgh. Remaining schedule: @Cincinnati (3-8), Baltimore (7-4), New England (9-2), @Houston (4-7), Cleveland (5-6) Playoff chances: 67% '72 Dolphins (4-7) How the might have fallen! The undefeated Dolphins have a terrible record so far and have lost their last 4 games in a row. However, is it enough to turn it around come playoff time? Perhaps not. Their next two games, while both at home, are against the Broncos (7-4) and the Patriots (9-2). Keep in mind that at Foxborough Miami lost, but only by a slim margin. After those games, they must face the Bills twice, with an easy Kansas City game in between. It's as hard to imagine them sweeping the Bills as it is hard to imagine the Bills sweeping the Dolphins. However, if they do that, it might be enough to get them in the playoffs. Remaining schedule: Denver (7-4), New England (9-2), @Buffalo (4-7), @Kansas City (3-8), Buffalo (4-7) Playoff chances: 33% '06 Colts (4-7) The Colts have had one problem all year: defense. They're got a high-powered scoring offense but have never been able to hold anybody. They've given up 49+ points 3 times so far this year. Shootouts are not a good way to win football games, but if the Colts somehow manage to scrape it together at the end of the season, things could get interesting. This week is a must-win, however. Remaining schedule: @Jacksonville (8-3), @Buffalo (4-7), Denver (7-4), @Baltimore (7-4), @Houston (4-7) Playoff chances: 10% '90 Bills (4-7) The Bills have one of the tougher schedules heading forward. Two games against the Patriots, two games against the Dolphins, and a game against the Colts. Let's face it: they're not gonna sweep the Patriots. That's at least one automatic L. Can Buffalo run the table on the other games? It's iffy. I wouldn't count on it if I were you. Their Big 3 has seemingly not been able to put it together this year. Remaining schedule: New England (9-2), Indianapolis (4-7), Miami (4-7), @New England (9-2), @Miami (4-7) Playoff chances: 25% '81 Chargers (4-7) Out of all the 4-7 teams, the ones most unlikely to make the playoffs... These Chargers have the best shot. 8 of their 11 games have been one possession, so going for a mad dash to the postseason wouldn't be out of the question. They also have one of the easiest schedules remaining out of anyone in the league. It's not likely they make the postseason, but God, I hope they do. With them, a postseason appearance may come down to their Week 17 match-up against the Raiders (5-6) who currently occupy the #6 spot in the AFC. That match-up will be played at San Diego. SPOOOKY!!!! Remaining schedule: Cleveland (5-6), Washington (6-5), @Kansas City (3-8), @NYJ (6-5), Oakland (5-6) Playoff chances: 40% '12 Texans (4-7) The Texans are not going to make the postseason. Remaining schedule: @Tennessee (5-6), San Francisco (7-4), @Jacksonville (8-3), Pittsburgh (5-6), @Indianapolis (4-7) Before we get into the real thing, please stop bugging me about which teams are chosen! I understand that you may have a differing opinion about what the best or your personal favorite single-season team is, but we're already 12 weeks into the season and the teams will not change! Anyways, let's get into Week 13 of the /r/NFL All-Time Season! Week 13 Scores Away Scr @ Home Scr Notes '07 Patriots 21 @ '90 Bills 33 Blam! After facing a 21-6 deficit in the 4th quarter, the Bills turned it around instantly. After a quick scoring drive, they intercepted a Brady pass to take it to the house. Their 2 point conversion failed, leaving the score at 21-19, but Buffalo refused to look back, adding two rushing touchdowns, both with under 3 minutes remaining to lock up this game. Buffalo rises to 5-7. '64 Browns 25 @ '81 Chargers 28 Another close game, but they actually did it! The Chargers knock off Cleveland to improve to 5-7 and keep their hopes alive in the AFC playoff race. Frank Ryan of Cleveland had an superhuman day, throwing for 191 yards and 2 TDs and adding one in on the ground, all with only 4 incompletions! However, it wasn't enough to give the Browns a victory. Also, because of weird tiebreakers, this boots Oakland out of the #6 seed in the AFC, and the Steelers are now in the playoffs. '98 Broncos 27 @ '72 Dolphins 10 Any hope the Dolphins had of sneaking into the playoffs was effectively gone as soon as Denver took a 21-0 lead in the 2nd quarter. Terrell Davis continues his MVP bid with over 100 on the ground and a score. Denver rises to 8-4 on the year, while Miami has the opposite record. '06 Colts 21 @ '99 Jaguars 52 The Jacksonville Jaguars are now your #1 seed in the AFC! When Jacksonville faced Indy earlier in the season, they put up 45, and now they put up 52! In both games, they've had over 500 yards of offense. The Colts can kiss any playoff hopes goodbye. '69 Chiefs 6 @ '68 Jets 31 Each week, the Jets continue to prove they they belong. They now have a 7-5 record and firmly hold the #5 seed in the AFC. Their upcoming stretch will truly test their will, however - they only have one home game left (against the Chargers) and every upcoming road game is against a division leader. Will they play well enough to make the postseason? '12 Texans 24 @ '99 Titans 27 (OT) GAME OF THE WEEK It took all they had, but the Titans move to a .500 record and insert themselves into the #6 seed in the AFC! Things were uneventful until the 4th quarter, where Houston led, 14-10. The Texans were forced to punt from their own 3 yard line, and the shortened distance lead to a blocked punt by Jevon Kearse and a quick TD for the Titans! Over 7 minutes later, with 1:54 left to go in the 4th, Arian Foster would score on the ground and put the Texans back up, 21-17. But McNair and the Titans could move the ball fast - perhaps too fast. They scored in only 51 seconds, culminating their drive with a 16 yard Eddie George touchdown reception. 24-21, Titans. This quick scoring gave the Texans enough time to work the ball into field goal range and kick a game-tying 42 yard field goal as time expired. However, after a stalled Texans drive in OT, the Titans were able to kick a short field goal and seal the deal. '78 Steelers 34 @ '88 Bengals 20 The playoff race is heating up! The Steelers get a nice win over the Bengals, although the game was incredibly close up until the beginning of the 4th. This improves them to 6-6 and ties them for the 6 seed with the Titans, although due to a Week 11 loss to Tennessee, they're out of the postseason for now. However, if Oakland wins against the Giants in the next game, there will be a 3 way tie at 6-6 and Pittsburgh would squirm into the 6 seed. Until then, the Steelers are just going to keep winning games and cross their fingers. '86 Giants 14 @ '76 Raiders 42 And so the prophecy has come to pass! The Raiders obliterate the Giants and push the Steelers into the 6 seed in the AFC. There's now a 3 way tie at 6-6 for that last seed in the AFC. Oakland looked dominant here, shutting down the Giants in every way possible. New York, who was once 4-1 and on top of the NFC East, has slipped to 6-6, with both the Redskins and the Cowboys passing them up. It's not looking good for Simms and the gang, as this loss might spell the end of playoff contention for the Giants. They've got another shot at both Washington and Dallas, and need to win both. '91 Lions 17 @ '00 Ravens 45 Can't lie - seeing Tony Banks explode for 4 touchdown passes is pretty awesome. Admittedly, it's not too fun for Lions fans, who find themselves at an absolutely pitiful 1-11. This win moves Baltimore up to 8-4 on the year and in the #3 seed in the AFC. Although they're formidable, I'm worried about the lack of competition Baltimore has faced this year. They've had 8 games against losing teams and are 7-1 against them, while against winning teams they're only 1-3. I don't expect them to let the division slip away, but they might be in danger come playoff time. '91 Redskins 27 @ '92 Cowboys 17 Remember when the Redskins were 3-5? Me neither. Because now they've won 4 in a row and are tired for the division lead with Dallas at 7-5. Because they split the season series with Dallas, Dallas is still in charge of the division, and because of weird tiebreakers Washington is still outside of the playoff race. However, they're red hot and look to continue their dominance as the year moves to a close. This loss puts an end to Dallas's previous 5 game winning streak. '89 49ers 23 @ '85 Bears 20 Watch out for the 49ers! After a 3-3 start, they find themselves at 8-4 and in a serious position to challenge St. Louis for the division, something unthinkable when the '99 Rams sat at 6-0. For the Bears, this is their second loss in a row, although they still remain atop the NFC. There's no shame in losing to the '89 49ers and Joe Montana, especially on a last second field goal. Montana brought the 9ers back from a 10 point deficit at halftime to clutch this game out and put the 49ers in a great position as the end of the season nears. '99 Rams 38 @ '15 Cardinals 23 The '15 Cardinals may be great, but they're no '99 Rams. You especially can't beat the Rams on a day where you go 6/15 on 3rd downs and 1/3 on 4th downs. Carson Palmer has given it his all for the Cardinals this year, but despite his best efforts they sink to a 3-9 record and are eliminated from postseason contention, officially. '98 Vikings 35 @ '98 Falcons 24 A score sure to put a smile on any Vikings fan's face. In a rematch of the 1998 NFC Championship game, the Vikings avenge their heartbreaking loss in dramatic fashion. At the end of the first quarter, Minnesota faced a 21-0 hole. So what does Randall Cunningham decide to do? Go on a 35-3 run, throwing 5 touchdowns in the process. This knocks the Falcons to 6-6, while Minnesota continues to prove their worth at 8-4. Something even more unthinkable - they're one game outside of the Bears for the division, and there's a Week 17 matchup between the two teams at Minnesota! SPOOOOKY!!!!! '02 Buccaneers 21 @ '96 Packers 14 3 straight road wins from the Bucs help them improve to 6-6, as the Falcons sink to their level. The Packers move to 7-5, and outside of the playoff picture, as the Vikings and 49ers have proved to be incredibly strong Wild Cards. If the Panthers beat the Saints, the ENTIRE NFC SOUTH will be at 6-6. Can you imagine??? '15 Panthers 24 @ '09 Saints 32 Well, shit. Wouldn't that have been cool, though? New Orleans gets a win here, and for the first time all season, is the division leader for more than one week at a time. Both the Falcons and Bucs sit at 6-6 and are ready to nab the division away at any moment. The first Saints-Falcons game is next week, @Atlanta. Stay tuned. '04 Eagles 17 @ '13 Seahawks 23 The Seahawks grab a nice win over the now 4-8 Eagles, improving to 7-5 on the year but still on the outside of a Wild Card spot. The #5 and #6 seeds currently both have a better record than the #3 and #4 seeds in the NFC. Crazy. It'd be nice for this young Hawks team to squeeze into the postseason, but without a Herculean effort in the final weeks, that looks unlikely. BYES: None Players of the Week NFC Offensive Player of the Week: Randall Cunningham (MIN): 24/32, 345 yards, 5 TDs, 1 INT NFC Defensive Player of the Week: Tony Tolbert (DAL): 5 tackles, 3 sacks AFC Offensive Player of the Week: Tony Banks (BAL): 16/28, 263 yards, 4 TDs AFC Defensive Player of the Week: Jevon Kearse (TEN): 9 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 blocked punt Current Standings Playoff Picture: NFC Rank Team W L T 1 CHI 9 3 0 2 LA 9 3 0 3 NO 7 5 0 4 DAL 7 5 0 5 SF 8 4 0 6 MIN 8 4 0 AFC Rank Team W L T 1 JAX 9 3 0 2 NE 9 3 0 3 BAL 8 4 0 4 DEN 8 4 0 5 NYJ 7 5 0 6 PIT 6 6 0 Please feel free to request any player's individual statistics, any team's total stats, or a re-cap of a particular game (similar to the Game of the Week). Thanks! submitted by /u/MUTGraphics [visit reddit] [comments]

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