/r/NFL Survivor: Round 7

Posted on: Jun 17, 2018   |   Posted by: German NFL Blog Refs4Pats.com

The Steelers have been eliminatedDay 1 ThreadDay 1 Result: PatriotsDay 2 ThreadDay 2 Result: CowboysDay 3 ThreadDay 3 Result: PackersDay 4 ThreadDay 4 Result: EaglesDay 5 ThreadDay 5 Result: SeahawksDay 6 ThreadDay 6 Result Remember, it's just a gameIf we want this to be an annual thing we have to be respectful of the platform. That means leaving the rest of reddit and r/nfl alone. Keep the game within the official Survivor threads on r/nfl, team subs (with permission), and faction subreddits (/r/EvilLeagueOfEvil, /r/coalitionagainstevil, /r/ungulateteams, /r/theplunderhood, /r/CatTeamBrotherhood, /r/BIRDTEAMS, /r/GoodLeagueofGood, /r/coalitionagainstbirds).(Tip: If you want your team sub to allow Survivor discussion, don't annoy your team mods with multiple threads a day) The team with the most votes will be the team that's voted out. This will go on for 29 rounds until there are 3 teams remaining. On the 30th round (the Final Tribal Council), users will then decide the winner of Survivor out of the 3 remaining teams. #VOTE TO ELIMINATE A TEAM Google account required to participate. Polls will close at 10 am CT tomorrow and the next round will open at around 11am-12pm CT.Results will be made available when the next round is posted. Note: We're now using the old forms, but the new forms will still be on the rounds in between, sorry for the wait on the switch. submitted by /u/HitchikersPie [visit reddit] [comments]

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